Welcome Newcomers!

Define Chatelaine Please?

Historically, it comes from medieval French, where the chatelaine was the keeper of a household or castle.
     Chatelaine is the Office to assist Newcomers to the SCA. The Chatelaine’s job is to help newcomers to feel welcome, explain the SCA customs and traditions, answer any questions, obtain loaner clothing for your first event, and acquire appropriate gear for the future, discover some the many activiti
es SCA members enjoy and have FUN!  Chatelaine is your point of contact to assist you with any of your SCA questions or needs by introducing you to others with similar interests.

     Starting any new hobby can be overwhelming and the Chatelaine is there to get you connected. The best way to learn about the SCA is to get involved by showing up and participation in any of the meetings, fighter practices and events. Fill out the Chatelaine Contact form so we can learn more about you and begin your FUN.


What is Gold Key?

Gold Key is period clothing (garb) that an SCA branch keeps for new member use. If you are looking for clothing for a noble persona, chances are you won’t find it in Gold Key but if you need something so you can attend your first few events, this would be the place to start. You can borrow from Gold Key while you are new to the SCA, but eventually you will be expected to acquire your own garb. Gold Key is a starting point for new members, do not expect to use it regularly or indefinitely.